Source code for datacite.errors

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of DataCite.
# Copyright (C) 2015 CERN.
# DataCite is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the Revised BSD License; see LICENSE file for
# more details.

"""Errors for the DataCite API.

MDS error responses will be converted into an exception from this module.
Connection issues raises :py:exc:`datacite.errors.HttpError` while DataCite
MDS error responses raises a subclass of

[docs]class HttpError(Exception): """Exception raised when a connection problem happens."""
[docs]class DataCiteError(Exception): """Exception raised when the server returns a known HTTP error code. Known HTTP error codes include: * 204 No Content * 400 Bad Request * 401 Unauthorized * 403 Forbidden * 404 Not Found * 410 Gone (deleted) """
[docs] @staticmethod def factory(err_code, *args): """Create exceptions through a Factory based on the HTTP error code.""" if err_code == 204: return DataCiteNoContentError(*args) elif err_code == 400: return DataCiteBadRequestError(*args) elif err_code == 401: return DataCiteUnauthorizedError(*args) elif err_code == 403: return DataCiteForbiddenError(*args) elif err_code == 404: return DataCiteNotFoundError(*args) elif err_code == 410: return DataCiteGoneError(*args) elif err_code == 412: return DataCitePreconditionError(*args) else: return DataCiteServerError(*args)
[docs]class DataCiteServerError(DataCiteError): """An internal server error happened on the DataCite end. Try later. Base class for all 5XX-related HTTP error codes. """
[docs]class DataCiteRequestError(DataCiteError): """A DataCite request error. You made an invalid request. Base class for all 4XX-related HTTP error codes as well as 204. """
[docs]class DataCiteNoContentError(DataCiteRequestError): """DOI is known to MDS, but not resolvable. This might be due to handle's latency. """
[docs]class DataCiteBadRequestError(DataCiteRequestError): """Bad request error. Bad requests can include e.g. invalid XML, wrong domain, wrong prefix. Request body must be exactly two lines: DOI and URL One or more of the specified mime-types or urls are invalid (e.g. non supported mimetype, not allowed url domain, etc.) """
[docs]class DataCiteUnauthorizedError(DataCiteRequestError): """Bad username or password."""
[docs]class DataCiteForbiddenError(DataCiteRequestError): """Login problem, dataset belongs to another party or quota exceeded."""
[docs]class DataCiteNotFoundError(DataCiteRequestError): """DOI does not exist in the database."""
[docs]class DataCiteGoneError(DataCiteRequestError): """Requested dataset was marked inactive (using DELETE method)."""
[docs]class DataCitePreconditionError(DataCiteRequestError): """Metadata must be uploaded first."""